Can I Buy a House with No Income Verification?

The answer… YES, Yes, and yes.

We see people get these loans every day and welcome anyone who qualifies to apply for them if it helps achieve their home buying needs. Many don’t think these mortgage loans exist or are some secret loan program only reserved for family members of the bank. That is absolutely not true! These loans are loved by many… why? No verification of income or employment required! That means we don’t need your W2s or pay-stubs, or Taxes… Your credit score and capacity will do!

We have helped thousands get a no-income verification mortgages. The main thing is for us to analyze your current financial situation and see if you qualify. Many potential buyers who don’t qualify right away are in fact very close and just need to improve a few things on their credit history or provide certain documentation that shows they have the capacity to repay the loan.

Our goal is – always – to help you get approved.

No Income Verification Mortgage Checklist

What you need to get pre-qualified for this program:

  1. Your government-issued ID (Driver’s License)
  2. Bank Statements covering at least 60 days with enough funds to cover >=25% down payment + reserves (your future mortgage payment * 6-12 months) + closing costs
  3. FICO Score at least 700
  4. Filled out Application

That’s it! Time to go house-shopping ;)

(*depending on lender and type of property you may be asked for further proof of funds and other documentation)

No Income Verification Mortgage – Final Takeaway

-> We are specialists in No Income Verification Loans in Florida

-> We have many types of loan programs that help you get a home loan.

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