The more we know about what you seek, your financial status, and any relative information, the better we can match you with the best funding solutions provider for your needs. We’ve don’t this hundreds of times and as mortgage professionals ourselves, understand the “behind the scenes” of what goes on and provide you with the bets solutions. See our FAQ’s below.



Any loan provider will need the above form collection information to get you started. By providing this, we know exactly who and where to place you with. By getting started, this information will help any financial provider followup, verify a few details and get you a Pre-Approval Letter to go home shopping.

Absolutely NOT…100% NO.

If you notice, there are no ads on this website like you see on many other content farms or news sites talking about loans and mortgages. On top of them looking to aggregate leads to sell, they sell ads, cookie data, and try to make money on you visiting their pages.

We are real people, it’s just a few of us and we only care about Florida needs, wants and wishes.

First, our goal is to put up clear information for consumers to discover that can help them in their home & mortgage process. The better informed you are as a buyer, the better you can make the best decisions for yourself when presented with options.

We are licensed mortgage professionals in Florida, and we got to know the industry very well, how it works, and the thousands of lenders, brokers, banks, and programs that consumers have. It is such a huge industry that getting programs that serve consumers presents the gray area where brokers can take advantage of people for their benefit.

In that time, we created this website as an information repository for consumers and a referral network to find the best mortgage, bank or private lender depending on your situation. Everyones situation is different, and by providing a few questions on what you seek, we have and know the perfect lender/mortgage broker from experience. You may be a first time home buyer, or looking to invest in AirBNB properties, a Veteran, or looking to invest in commercial property…regardless the want, we know hundreds of quality providers that specialize in specific situations. It’s this specialized background that is best for consumers… when banks or mortgage providers know their specific areas, the process is easier, and they can help you et qualified when others say no.

You pay nothing for this information!

We know that an informed consumer, is the best consumer. And by providing you information of experience from being “behind the scenes” in the mortgage industry, you can benefit from good information and referral to the right person.

Benefits of Our Process

We picked the most experienced loan officers that have the knowledge & expertise you need to explore the many financing options available to make the right choice for your property mortgage loan needs. Finding the best banks and brokers can create confusion and working with the best helps you in this major decision.

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  • Various programs for all buyers and investors.

  • Foreign National Buyers for US Mortgages.

  • They’ll Sit and Discuss the Best Loan Deals.

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  • Will Choose Loans Based on Their Needs.

  • Interested More in Selling Your Data

  • Script based boiler room operations for quick buck.

  • Only Work With a Few Providers

  • They Want Easy Situations and Don’t Fight for You.

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