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Getting mortgages for condos can get tricky and require a little more documentation during the approval process. For example, not only you as a Borrower need to get approved for a loan, but the whole condominium must meet certain standards required by the Lenders. So extra documents need to be filled out by HOA and extra payment from the Borrower is required for them to do so.

Also, usually a higher down payment (at least 20-25%) is required by the Lenders in order to get the best rates possible for you.

For a lot of people owning a condo is much more convenient than owning a house, so they are paying a little extra for convenience here.

We have a network of providers who process condo property loans every day and these experts will help guide you through this process.

Main Points of Condo Property Mortgages

    • A condo loan is a type of financing that is applicable to the property in the condominium with an HOA.
    • Future condo owners must undergo a few more steps in the process than those applying for a single family home loan.
    • You might need a larger down payment
    • Not only you as a Borrower but the condo’s HOA needs to also be approved by the Lender.

Our goal is to get you the best deal, the best rates and your loan approved!

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