Foreign National Mortgage

Our Foreign National Mortgage Program is a special type of loan to help non-citizens purchase real estate property in the United States, but specifically Florida where we specialize in. We have been specializing helping citizens from Russia, China, Latin America, Israel just to name a few.

We help by first examining your needs and explaining foreign national mortgage guidelines. Not all lenders are the same, so we will look for the best loan package available depending on your situation and needs.

Foreign National Mortgage

Tell us what you would like to buy and we’ll help accommodate you with a foreign national mortgage via our expert service providers that have been getting other foreigners investing in Florida real estate.

Our goal is to get you the best deal, the best rates and your loan approved!

FAQ’s on Foreign National Mortgage Program

The mortgage industry defines a Foreign National as anyone who is not a U.S. Citizen and is not permanently living in the United States. To be eligible for Foreign National mortgage loan, you must be a legal resident of another country and live and work there.

What we’ll need from you to start:

  1. Passport (unexpired)
  2. Visa to US (valid for 6+ months)
  3. 2 most recent Bank Statements with enough funds to cover Down Payment, Closing Costs and Reserves
  4. Application

Yes, you can! We have a DSCR program for investors looking to park their wealth overseas while getting passive income from rental properties!

We believe that anyone who qualifies and wants to own a piece of a real estate dream in Florida as a vacation home or trying to protect their wealth from a crumbling economy by investing in foreign real estate or have a peace of mind by making passive income should absolutely have it, even if their passport doesn’t say “United States” on it. Let us help you to get the best deal possible for you.

How It Works?

Simple Hassle Free Process

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Get a Free Rate Quote

Safe & Easy

We are a 5 star Google-rated company and have processed millions of dollars in loans in the U.S.  Our safety and security standards help you get the best Loan terms available.

1. Initial Consult

Complete our simple Application

2. Receive Options

Receive options based on your unique criteria and needs

3. Compare Rates

Compare mortgage Interest Rates and Terms available

4. Choose Offer

Choose the offer that best fits your needs

Benefits of Our Process

As experienced loan officers we have the knowledge & expertise you need to explore the many financing options available for you make the right choice for your property mortgage loan needs.

  • Over 200+ Bank Network to Work With

  • Human Expert Loan Review

  • 5 Star Rated Broker Built on Trust

  • Various programs for all buyers and investors.

  • Foreign National Buyers for US Mortgages.

  • We Sit and Discuss the Best Loan Deals.

  • We’ll fight the banks for you when they’re difficult.

Other Mortgage Brokers

  • Limited Banks to Shop Around.

  • Will Choose Loans Based on Their Needs.

  • Rely to Much on Technology and Not Fight for you.

  • Script based boiler room operations for quick buck.

  • No International buyer programs or don’t want to deal with them.

  • Take No from banks and underwriters to easy and don’t fight for you.

Have a Unique Situation?

We’ve helped thousands of borrowers no matter the issues.

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