How to Buy a House with Low Income and Good Credit

Wondering if that is even a possibility? The answer is: YES, it is!

We get asked this question constantly in our day-to-day business interactions. Many people don’t think these mortgage loans exist or even possible to obtain. But it is a well hidden secret that we are ready to unveil for you. We hand picked the best Lenders willing to give mortgages with NO verification of income or employment required! That means we don’t need your W2s, or pay-stubs, or 1099s, or Taxes… Nobody is going to call your job to check your salary.

Your credit report and capacity for a mortgage payment will do!
Of course, the common sense approach to getting this type of loan still applies: that you appear as a well qualified buyer to get a no income verification mortgage.

We have helped thousands get a no-income-statement mortgage. The main thing is for us to analyze your current financial situation and see if you qualify. Sometimes, all you have to do is improve a few things on your credit history or provide certain documentation that shows your capacity to repay this loan.

Our goal is ~always~ to help you get approved.

Low Income & Good Credit ?

By talking to us and telling us your home goals, type of property you’re looking for and personal financial standing we can help give you the right recommendations on what type of loan you should apply for. With good credit, you may want to take advantage of a no-income verification loan with minimum documents that are needed from you to qualify. We will help you achieve the dream of home ownership.

What you need to get pre-qualified for this program:

  1. Your government-issued photo ID (Drivers License/ Passport/ Green Card)
  2. Bank Statements covering at least 60 days with enough funds to cover at least 25% Down Payment + Reserves (amount depends on your Loan Amount) + Closing Costs
  3. FICO Score at least 700
  4. Filled out Application

(*depending on lender and property some may ask for further proof of funds and documentation)

How to Buy a House with Low Income and Good Credit – Final Takeaway

-> Start today so we can process your home loan needs and you’ll be on your way to home ownership

-> We have many types of loan programs that apply to low income but good credit buyers.

-> We work with lenders that specialize in good credit mortgage loans in Florida.

The best thing you can do is contact me today to help you answer: How to Buy a House with Low Income and Good Credit. We’ve already done it for many others, why not you too?

The quicker we intake your information, the faster we can work with our lending institutions on getting your loan approved.

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