Investment Property Loans Florida

Investing in Florida real estate has made many wealthy and that trend is NOT stopping. As one of the fastest growing states, Florida has some of the best economic conditions when considering long term real estate acquisitions. From population growth, advantageous tax structures, great weather, No sales tax, and much more. There is a reason why it’s one of the top real estate investment destinations in the world. Find out for yourself as well.

We have personally helped foreign buyers from all over the world with investment property loans in in Florida. We can assist anyone in getting an investment loan for property investing. It all depends on qualifying factors such as type of lender programs available, portfolio and qualifications. We work with many clients who are active real estate investors and serve their needs on a continued basis.

We even have mortgage loans that don’t require income verification, just your future rental income to qualify!

Your loan approval all depend on your application and financial standing. Our goal is to help you get approved.

Investment Property Loan Checklist

Some of the things you’ll need to get ready are:

-Stated income, but most transactions do not require verification.

-30-40% down payment

-Financial records or portfolio

-Background check information

(there’s more but common sense as the bank will look very closely at who you are to make sure you have the capacity for a mortgage)

Investment Property Loans Florida – Final Takeaway

-We specialize in Florida Investment Loans

-We have many types of loan programs that help you invest.

The best thing you can do is contact me today to help you get questions answered and get the process started on attaining an investment property loans Florida.

The quicker we intake your information, the faster we can work with our lending institutions on getting your loan approved.

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