Foreign national mortgage guidelines

What are Foreign national mortgage guidelines? This post will list some things that are needed for potential foreign buyers of US real estate who are not US citizens, have a VISA, or have residency.

Today’s market has allowed many foreign buyers to take advantage of real estate deals in the United States. The term “Foreign National” applies to anyone who are non-U.S. citizens. and Pioneer Mortgage are experts in Foreign National loans Florida and have helped many international buyers achieve the dream of owning US real estate.


Important things to make sure you answer YES to before applying:

  1. You own your primary home in the country of your citizenship
  2. You have 30-40% from the purchase price as a down payment
  3. You can prove stable income for the last 2 years (paystubs or letter from accountant if self-employed). We also have programs with no income verification!
  4. Personal/Business Bank Statements are showing sufficient funds for down payment, closing costs and reserves (min 12-months-worth of mortgage payments)
  5. You have a Visa to the U.S. valid for 6+ months (if visa to enter the U.S. is required for your country of citizenship)

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Remember, the Banks will look very closely at your financial situation to make sure you have the capacity to repay a Mortgage Loan in the U.S. But don’t worry, you’re in very good hands and my team and I will get you pre-qualified and on the way to owning a real estate dream in Florida in no time.

Foreign national mortgage guidelines – Final Takeaway

The best thing you can do is contact me today and I will get questions answered and process started on obtaining a foreign national loan. The quicker you get  your info to us, the faster we can work with our variety of lending institutions on getting your loan approved.

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