Mortgage VISA Requirements

Before we dive into the subject you should know… We can get you approved NO MATTER the immigration status you have. We are experts in foreign national buyer programs.

There are a variety of home loan programs available to immigrants in the US. The qualifying VISA guidelines and documentation requirements depend on what type of residency you have.

Lawful permanent resident. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), lawful permanent residents are legally recognized and lawfully recorded as having permanent residency in the U.S. Also known as “permanent residents,” lawful permanent residents receive a Form I-551 — more commonly called a “green card” that verifies their ability to live and work in the United States.

Non-permanent residents. Non-permanent residents can live in the United States temporarily with employment authorization granted by the USCIS through a variety of different visas.


Visa holders who are eligible for mortgages
E Series (E-1, E-2, E-3) Nationals of countries with a commerce treaty with the United States who are here on business to carry out “substantial trade.”
G Series (G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4, G-5) Employees of foreign governments or international organizations living in the United States.
H Series (H-1B, H-1C, H-2, H-3, H-4) Temporary workers with specialized knowledge, agricultural skills, or who are enrolled in programs not available in their home country; and their dependents.
L Series (L-1A, L-1B, L-2) Professional employees who work for a non-U.S. company and are being transferred to an American subsidiary, and their dependents.
NATO Series (NATO 1-6) Representatives, officials and experts from NATO countries visiting on official business.
O series (O-1A, O-1B, O-2, O-3) Individuals with “extraordinary ability” in certain fields and their spouse or children.
Canadian and Mexican NAFTA series (“TN”) NAFTA-specific employees for prearranged official business activities for foreign or U.S. employers.

Foreign nationals. A person who can legally be present in the United States but does not have U.S. citizenship or nationality.

Those who have a Tourist visa for U.S. (B1/B2) can still get a mortgage loan in Florida and invest in Real Estate. B1/B2 visa has to be valid for at least 6 months from the date you apply for a mortgage and already have a contract to purchase a property.

Mortgage VISA Requirements – Final Takeaway

-> Yes, you can get a mortgage with almost ANY US VISA

-> You don’t have to be a citizen to get a mortgage

-> Qualifying standards apply

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